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Rick Astley

Rick Astley - Greatest Hits

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Greatest Hits  

By Rick Astley

Very Good Condition ~ From our own PRIVATE collection ~( Disc rarely  played~ Case and Original artwork are in very good condition)

The folks at BMG Heritage did a wonderful job assembling Rick Astley's long-overdue Greatest Hits, for it succeeds in presenting a definitive and complete collection of the 1980s pop sensation's U.S. and U.K. hits. Not only does this set include all of his singles, it also boasts excellent liner notes, photographs, and chart positions. Included are his American chart-toppers "Together Forever" and "Never Gonna Give You Up," the latter arguably one of the 1980s' most recognizable songs, as well as all of his other Top Ten hits, including the Motown-ish "It Would Take a Strong, Strong Man," "She Wants to Dance With Me," and the 1991 ballad hit "Cry for Help." All of Astley's U.K. hits are accounted for, including "When I Fall in Love" and its non-album B-side, "My Arms Keep Missing You," "Take Me to Your Heart," "Whenever You Need Somebody," and "Hold Me in Your Arms," as well as lesser-known singles such as "Hopelessly," "Move Right Out," "Giving up on Love," and "The Ones You Love." Despite the years and changes in musical trends, the songs on this collection still sound fresh and Astley's voice always packs a wallop and leaves one with the undeniable impression that he was much more than a passing fad; he was, in fact, an extremely underrated and timeless talent who should be remembered as much more than simply a late-'80s pop phenomenon.


"Never Gonna Give You Up" – 3:33

"It Would Take a Strong Strong Man" – 3:40

"She Wants to Dance with Me (Watermix)" – 3:16

"Whenever You Need Somebody" (7") – 3:27

"Move Right Out" (7") – 3:54 (composed by Rob Fisher and Rick Astley)

"Giving Up on Love" (7" R&B Version) – 4:07 (composed by Rick Astley)

"Together Forever" (Lover's Leap 7" Remix) – 3:22

"Take Me to Your Heart" (7") – 3:29

"My Arms Keep Missing You" (The No L Mix) – 6:47

"Ain't Too Proud to Beg" – 4:17 (composed by Eddie Holland and Norman Whitfield)

"Hopelessly" – 3:36 (composed by Rob Fisher and Rick Astley)

"When You Gonna" (12") – 7:34 (composed by Ian Curnow, Phil Harding and Rick Astley) (Credited to Rick and Lisa)

"Never Knew Love" (Remix) – 3:07 (composed by John Paul and Derek Bordeaux)

"Hold Me in Your Arms" (7") – 4:32 (composed by Rick Astley)

"When I Fall in Love" – 3:03 (composed by Edward Heyman and Victor Young)

"Cry For Help" (Single) – 4:05 (composed by Rob Fisher and Rick Astley)

"The Ones You Love" (Single) – 4:20 (composed by Dave West and Rick Astley)

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