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Adrian Legg - Guitar Bones

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Guitar Bones

By Adrian Legg

Very Good Condition. (Includes original artwork, Cd, and jewel case, all in very good condition.)

Long considered one of the finest fingerstyle guitarists on the globe, Adrian Legg has performed with a divergent array of artists, including high-octane rock guitar aces Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. He's been the recipient of numerous guitar-based awards and has composed several instructional books. Legg's artistry resides within his now-fabled acoustic guitar work, and with Guitar Bones, Legg utilizes various microphone techniques to enhance his altogether superb solo acoustic performances. He navigates through country blues motifs, a few jazz interludes, and American bluegrass, among other genres. The guitarist's British roots surface via his nimble strumming and his interweaving lines on the rhythmically charged English folk number titled "Jam Today." At times, Legg employs legato techniques to complement his gliding movements and complexly fabricated chord progressions as he conveys much sentiment during the poignantly beautiful piece titled "Old Friends." Overall, this 2002 release represents Legg's eighth solo outing. Hence, the results prove to be infinitely gratifying. Strongly Recommended


1          Uncle Adrian  0:59

2          Jam Tomorrow            3:10

3          La Giga Anziana (The Elderly Jig)     4:12

4          The One-Eyed Turk    2:04

5          O'Malley & Delacey   3:40

6          Short Story      2:03

7          St. Mary's        4:05

8          Jam Today       2:34

9          Old Friends     5:14

10        Ghost In The Hills      6:50

11        Een Kleijne Komedye 3:17

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