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Jack Teagarden

Jack Teagarden - Has Anybody Here Seen Jackson

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Has Anybody Here Seen Jackson  

By Jack Teagarden

Very Good Condition

Jack Teagarden's Standard Transcriptions are reissued on this CD and the previous It's Time for "T." Teagarden made few studio recordings with his ill-fated big band during this period and, even with the seven commercial vocals by David Allyn and Kitty Kallen, this music is superior to what was generally available to the public from the trombonist's orchestra at the time. Teagarden and his somewhat obscure sidemen are in consistently fine form on the varied material; pity that the big band never really caught on.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Fort Knox Jump
  2. Sing a Love Song
  3. Has Anybody Here Seen Jackson?
  4. Mr. Jessie Blues
  5. Impressions of Meade Lux Lewis
  6. Prelude in G Minor
  7. Swing Without Words
  8. Bashful Baby Blues
  9. Soft as Spring
  10. Barcarolle
  11. Get Off on a Fugue
  12. Heaven Is Mine Again
  13. No Need to Be Sorry
  14. This Is No Laughing Matter
  15. Funiculi, Funicula
  16. Sherman Shout
  17. Barracks Blues
  18. Dig the Groove
  19. Salt on a Devil's Tail
  20. You Know (Just as Well as I Do)
  21. Time Out
  22. Pied Piper
  23. Octoroon
  24. Rompin' and Stompin'
  25. Glass Blues (Theme Song)

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