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John A. Sanford

Healing and wholeness

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Healing and wholeness   By:  John A. Sanford

Good Condition. (Cover shows some edge wear. Pages and binding are in Very Good Condition.)

John Sanford has written a book for anyone interested in more wholeness and health in his or her life. He says, "The stream of human knowledge is like a great river; many streams and rivulets make up its volume. Of course not every prophet of healing today contributes to our knowledge, for some are fraudulent, their waters polluted; and some dry up and never reach the flowing river of valid human knowledge. Yet it remains true that we must expect insights from many different sources if our knowledge of the sources, enriched by the sufferings and discoveries of the people who have consulted me over the years, the insights into healing from wells ancient and modern: ancient Greek healing mysteries, the lore of shamanism, the wisdom of he American Indian, the healing emphasis in early Christianity and the very modern perspective on healing furnished by C. G. Jung. The hope is that the reader will, through this book, see a little more clearly where healing comes from and where he or she as a person can learn to help himself or herself. But it is not a complete book on healing nor does it pretend to be. There is far more to be said about healing that this book, or any one book, can say, though hopefully the reader will find some insights that are new and helpful."

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  • Paperback:162 pages
  • Publisher:Paulist Pr (November 1977)
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  • ISBN-13:978-0809120444
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