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Kathy Brier

Kathy Brier - Heartbreaker

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Heartbreaker  By Kathy Brier

 Very + Good Condition. (Includes Cd, original artwork and jewel case all in very good condition.)

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Heartbreaker marks Kathy Brier's solo debut recording. The album inludes original pop/rock tracks written by some of the countries best writers, and features "When It's Real," written by the legendary Diane Warren, as seen on ABC's "One Life To Live" as Marcie and Michael's wedding song


Heartbreaker, is a satisfying, cathartic emotional roller coaster. "When It's Real" truly should be a hit single. --Daniel R. Coleridge, tvguide.com, June 2006

About the Artist

Kathy Brier is best know for her Emmy-nominated role as Marcie Walsh on ABC's "One Life To Live." Other notable credits include Tracy Turnblad in the Tony-winning musical "Hairspray", Ron Taylor and Mayor Maggie in "Bat Boy: The Musical" and Babalulu the clown in "JoJo's Circus on the Disney Playhouse Channel." Kathy can also be heard on the Grammy -nominated CD "Hair: The Actor's Fund Benefit" and "One Life Many Voices: Hurricane Relief" CD, as well as the original cast recordings of "The Prince and The Pauper" and "Bat Boy: The Musical."

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Wrecked
  2. Forgiveness
  3. I Survived You
  4. O, City
  5. Untouchable
  6. When It's Real
  7. Any Other Way
  8. Bend
  9. A Chance To Change The World
  10. Now

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