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Henry Gasser

Henry Gasser's Guide to Painting

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Henry Gasser's Guide to Painting

Good Condition. (1964 Slight Curving to some page corners. Clean and unmarked text pages. Tight binding.)

Since there are as many approaches to art as there are artists, the teaching of art becomes a very personal task. At the same time a book on the teaching of art takes on unusual responsibility because the person to person relationship is difficult to achieve in print. Henry Gasser is no amateur at this difficult task. His seven books on painting, backed by his own competence, both as an artist and as a teacher, have made it possible for thousands of students to see art as Henry Gasser sees it. With this guidance the serious student can move quickly toward developing his own point of view, his own conceptions, and his own talents. This book, which embodies the methods of Henry Gasser, is a stimulating and welcome edition to the Golden handbook Series. - from the forward

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