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Daniels, Leslie and Hamilton, Celeste

Hometown Honeys (Afterglow Romantic Walks) Audio Cassette

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Hometown Honeys (Afterglow Romantic Walks)  Audio Cassette  Daniels, Leslie and Hamilton, Celeste

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With Afterglow Romantic Walks there's always time for romance! Brand-new love stories from top authors will sweep you away for a romantic interlude on a moment's notice. Each original, unabridged Romantic Walks tape contains two stories of 45 minutes in lengthperfect for a walking workout, a morning commute, or a brief escape at the end of a hectic day. Total running time: 90 minutes.

The sweet romantic stories on Hometown Honeys prove that the love of your life could be waiting just around the corner. On Side 1, Celeste Hamilton serves up The House Blend. On Side 2, Leslie Daniels introduces you to Mr. Parmenter's Daughter.

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