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Paolo Matricardi,

Hunters in the Sky. a Visual Guide to World War II Aircraft

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Hunters in the Sky. a Visual Guide to World War II Aircraft  By; Paolo  Matricardi,

VERY Good to LIKE NEW Condition (1990. 64 pages.. Includes airplane chart. Clean and bright pages. Obviously gently read.)

This large size softcover book contains colored drawings of World War II Aircraft.

A Review:

Subtitled A VISUAL GUIDE TO WORLD WAR II AIRCRAFT, this 1998 GT Merchandising & Licensing Corp. release is yet another recycling of Italian artwork that has been around since the late 1970s. If most of the artwork looks vaguely familiar, welcome to the club!

HUNTERS IN THE SKY claims to be an abridged edition of ENCLOPEDIA OF MILITARY AIRCRAFT. Well, yes it is but, as mentioned, some of those illustrations have seen a lot of usage. The artwork is arranged chronologically with pages on French fighters, 1938-39; Last Biplane Fighters, 1937-39; Transitional Fighters in Japan and Russia, 1937-39; Japanese Navy Fighters, 1943-44; along with pages devoted to just one fighter such as the Hurricane, Spit, P-51, Zero, etc. At times the cobbled-together nature of the material shows through; i.e.: the page on "German, Romanian, Finnish, Swedish and Australian Fighters, 1942-45."

On the plus side, the book offers a real smorgasbord of operational and prototype designs from around the world. In terms of accuracy of drawing and camouflage scheme though, the illustrations range from "kinda/sorta" to inaccurate.

The book also includes a number of b&w photographs, color charts on WWII fighter production totals, entry into service, comparative speeds/ranges, etc. along with a pull-out oversize sheet showing National Markings from 1936 to 1945 in color.

If you want a general, colorful guide to WWII fighters, this might fill the bill but...methinks, an optional purchase.

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  • Paperback:64 pages
  • Publisher:GT Merchandising & Licensing; Abridged edition (1998)
  • Language:English
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  • ISBN-13:978-0766202764
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