Harriett Tubman

Harriett Tubman - I Am A Man

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I Am A Man  

By Harriett Tubman

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Guitarist Brandon Ross (Henry Threadgill, Cassandra Wilson), bassist Melvin Gibbs (Arto Lindsay, Rollins Band) and drummer JT Lewis (David Murray, Henry Threadgill) break loose of the stratosphere on this electric debut.


Don't let the name fool you, Harriet Tubman are actually a hard rock-jazz fusion band from downtown Manhattan. Featuring guitarist Brandon Ross, bassist Melvin Gibbs, and drummer J.T. Lewis, Harriet Tubman offer a debut that is a mind-melting display of inspired instrumental discourse between three very accomplished musicians. While Ross has worked with everyone from Cassandra Wilson to Arrested Development and Gibbs is best known for his tenure with the Henry Rollins Band, Harriet Tubman's imposing interplay is a wholly distinctive experience. Integrating samplers and other digital accouterment into a compelling jazz-rock sound, the trio hark back to the pioneering fusion style of the Tony Williams Lifetime with John McLaughlin. Boasting loads of guitar pyrotechnics and elusive rhythm collisions, Harriet Tubman are a power trio like no other. --Mitch Myers



1              Savannah                                         10:05

2              Where We Stand                                5:23

3              Hards Dry                                           3:36

4              Adapted                                              4:25

5              Take Out                                              0:31

6              High Black Skin                                 3:45

7              Asiatic Research                               3:26

8              Moly                                                    0:27

9              Frozen Fire                                         5:20

10           Irridescent Shark-Skin Suit               0:32

11           2 Man Army                                         3:13

12           Re-Adapted                                         0:39

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