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June Valli

June Valli - I Could Go on Singing

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I Could Go on Singing 

By June Valli

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This CD features the lovely singer on some nice songs--"More," "Call Me Irresponsible," "By Myself" and several others. She's in good voice and does a nice job on most songs. A few, like the title tune, are done so much better by the original artists (she can't hold a candle to Garland on the title tune or to Streisand on "People). And then there is the inclusion of the classic "There Will Never Be Another You" in two versions. One, it is stated is a small combo backing her and the other is the big band version. The two sound almost exactly alike!!

There is one tune, "Apple Green," which is so fifties in its sentiment and its' corn that it doesn't belong with the other selections. The rest of the songs are classics--"Porgy," "Gypsy in my Soul," etc.

The main problem with this CD release is that there are no credits for the arrangements or who is accompanying Miss Valli--orchestra, band, combo. There are no dates for the recordings--most likely most of them were recorded in the sixties, but there is no way of telling. The liner notes are skimpy, poorly written and speak to nothing about the CD; there is a little background on who June Valli was. This talented singer deserves better than she gets here.


 1   Call Me Irresponsible

2   More

3   They Can't Take That Away from Me

4   People

5   There Will Never Be Another You

6   (I Love You), Porgy

7   I'll Go My Way by Myself

8   When Your Love Has Gone

9   I Could Go on Singing

10 Apple Green

11 Gypsy in My Soul

12 There Will Never Be Another You

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