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Directors: John Elias Michalakis

I Was a Teenage Zombie [VHS]

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I Was a Teenage Zombie [VHS]

Very Good Cndition. (Light wear to box sleeve.)

I was a Teenage Zombie is a humorous, extremely low budget 80s horror comedy film. Don't expect amazing cinematography or oscar winning acting but do expect a good time. The actors and crew did the best with the money they had and all in all they made a enjoyable little film. It plays like a dopey 80s comedy mixed with a spoof of horror films from the 50s and 60s (with buckets of low budget gory special effects). The pricetag may be a bit expensive for this DVD but in my opinion its worth it. The quality of the picture on the DVD is a bit better than the VHS but it still could use another DVD release with some special features, and better picture quality.  Actors:Michael Rubin, Steve McCoy, George Seminara, Craig Sabin, Peter Bush

If youre a fan of troma movies, mystery science theater, or cheesy low budget horror give this flick a watch, its good stuff.

Product details

Actors:Michael Rubin, Steve McCoy, George Seminara, Craig Sabin, Peter Bush

Directors:John Elias Michalakis

Writers:George Seminara, James Aviles Martin, Steve McKoy

Producers:John Elias Michalakis, Miljan Peter Ilich, Richard Hirsh, Sal Lumetta


Rated:  NR   Not Rated

 Number of tapes:1

Studio:Rejects from Studios

VHS Release Date:September 28, 1988

Run Time:90 minutes

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