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James Galway & Henry Mancini

James Galway & Henry Mancini - In The Pink

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In the pink,

By  James Galway & Henry Mancin

rare audio cd; 1984 RCA edition with 13 tracks; disc is in perfect condition; inserts are complete and mint!,

A Review:

For fans of Henry Mancini's film music, or James Galway's skilled flute playing, IN THE PINK will make a nice addition to your collection. The tracks on it are: 1.The Pink Panther, 2.Meggie's Theme (from The Thorn Birds), 3.Breakfast at Tiffany's, 4.Pennywhistle Jig (from The Mollie Maguires), 5.Crazy World (from Victor/Victoria), 6.The Thorn Birds Theme, 7.Pie in the Face Polka (from The Great Race), 8.Baby Elephant Walk, 9.Two for the Road, 10.Speedy Gonzales, 11.Theme from The Molly Maguires, 12.Medley: Days of Wine and Roses/Charade/Moon River, and 13.Cameo for Flute....for James. Henry Mancini is listed as composer or co-composer of all of these, as well as arranger and conductor.

I don't know what the criteria were for the music selection, as I don't believe they're a "greatest hits" of Mancini. Unfortunately, there are no notes included to explain this or other aspects of the album. The music has a good variety in terms of tempo and style, though overall it's pretty mellow. Lots of beautiful melodies here, not surprising coming from Mancini. Also, it's fun to hear these pieces arranged for flute and The National Philharmonic Orchestra, and Galway as usual is a terrific flutist. The CD runs about 43 minutes. It's not stated whether the original recording was digital, but I would assume so, coming from RCA in 1984. Though IN THE PINK is not a spectacular album, it's very enjoyable to listen to, and is suitable either for someone with no other Mancini music, or for someone with a lot.



The Pink Panther
Meggie's Theme
Breakfast At Tiffany's
Pennywhistle Jig
Crazy World
"The Thorn Birds" Theme
Pie In The Face Polka
Baby Elephant Walk
Two For The Road
Speedy Gonzales
Theme From "The Molly Maguires"
Medley: Three By Mancini And Mercer
Days Of Wine And Roses
Moon River
Cameo For Flute "...For James."


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  • Label: RCA Victor
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  • Total Length: 42:26
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