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Jimmy Roselli

Jimmy Roselli - Come Into My Life

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Come Into My Life

By  Jimmy Roselli

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A Review:

I have several albums of Jimmy Roselli's music and I have listened to him for more than 25 years. Come Into My Life is my favorite album by Jimmy Roselli. Jimmy's voice is one of the most expressive ever. When he sings happy, "Rain Drops Keep Fallin' On My Head" you can almost hear him smiling. When he sings sad, "Broken Hearts Belong To Yesterday" you can almost see the anguish on his face. When he's singing of a hopeful romance, "Come Into My Life" you can almost see him with outstretched arms to the lady he is inviting into his life. All the tracks on this album rate a 10 with me. Expressive and meaningful. The album will never go out of style to listeners of quality music because great music is timeless.

2nd Review:

As it has been said many times before. Jimmy Roselli is the most under-rated singers of the 60's right thru the 80's. In this album, you will hear why Roselli has a faithful following of fans, and this is one of his english albums. (When that old wedding ring was new) is a song he made famous and one of his biggiest hits. (Come into my life) shows the different levels of Jimmy's voice and the song (you are mine), well that just right out shows the full power of this great Italian singer. And his Italian albums are the best out there. And after that, you'll be buying his albums up.


  1. Broken Hearts Belong to Yesterday
  2. Come Into My Life
  3. Could This Be Me
  4. Dancing Has Ended
  5. Laugh It Off
  6. Rage to Live
  7. Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head
  8. Right From the Heart
  9. When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New
  10. Why Don't We Do This More Often
  11. You Are Mine
  12. A Million Dreams Ago

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