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Max McLean

Max McLean -The Listener's Bible-NIV-John's Gospel

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Listener's Bible-NIV-John's Gospel       (CD)   

By Max McLean 

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"Max McLean is an actor, storyteller, and student of the bible whose life's work is to help make your timr listening to the bible joyful and rewarding. He has dramatically presented God's Word in countless churches and in one-man dramatiuctions of the Bible in theaters worldwide. His radio ministry is hear on over 670 radio affiliates."


Max McLean has received critical acclaim for his theatrical adaptations of The Screwtape Letters, Mark's Gospel, and Genesis. He is known widely as the narrator of The Listener’s Bible (NIV, ESV & KJV) and classic Christian literature including Pilgrim’s Progress and Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. His daily radio program is heard on 700 radio outlets. Max and his wife, Sharon, live in New York City and are active members of Redeemer Presbyterian Church.


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