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Maroon 5 - Live Friday the 13th

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Live Friday the 13th   (CD & DVD)                                                                                                                                                                                                          By Maroon 5           

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Live – Friday the 13th is a live DVD and CD release by Maroon 5. It was recorded on May 13, 2005 in Santa Barbara, California at the Santa Barbara Bowl.


This album has been released with the Copy Control protection system in some regions.

Live: Friday the 13th is the second live recording Maroon 5 has released since their 2002 debut, Songs About Jane, following 1.22.03.Acoustic by two years. Where that was an acoustic mini-LP, Friday the 13th is a full-blown concert, capturing a live show at the Santa Barbara Bowl, both on CD and on DVD in this two-disc set. In concert, the band sounds a bit bigger and tougher than it does in the studio, and they do deviate from the record a bit, allowing for audience interaction on their big hit "This Love," along with some improvisation scattered along the way. That doesn't necessarily mean that they rock, as their limp rendition of Oasis' "Hello" proves, but rocking isn't necessarily the point of Maroon 5 -- they're a pop band with a hint of soul, and since they're adept musicians, they do well in a live setting, letting their music breathe and sound a little looser. Consequently, Friday the 13th, in either its CD or DVD incarnations, is a good time for fans -- maybe not as intimate as 1.22.03, and certainly not something everybody needs to own, yet a good souvenir for the fans who are still patiently waiting for a new set of songs.

A Review:

The DVD features exclusive interviews with the band and insight into how certain key songs came about. The live concert is a performance of all their songs and the CD contains the same tracks.


Shiver     4:49

Through With You     3:19

Tangled     3:37

Harder To Breathe     3:00

The Sun     7:52

Wasted Years     5:23

Secret/Ain't No Sunshine     7:12

Not Coming Home     4:28

This Love5:14Must Get Out      4:09

Sunday Morning     6:38

Sweetest Goodbye     9:39

Hello     3:52

She Will Be Loved     6:19

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  • Audio CD (April 23, 2007)
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Format: EnhancedLive
  • Label: A&M/Octone
  • ASIN: B000AL732W

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