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Ginny Simms

Ginny Simms - Love Is Here to Stay

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Love Is Here to Stay:.

By Ginny Simms

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A Review:

Sorry to say, the brilliantly talented Ginny Simms's singing performance did not age well, at least in this set from the early 60s. If this were the only album of hers you ever heard, you'd think she was pretty good, but compared to her earlier self her spark has vanished. This is particularly sad because she made this album in her late 40s, when singers with her talent, training and powerful pipes are often at their peak. In her star years from the late 30s through the 40s, she radiated confidence and flawless musicianship (her hastily rehearsed on-air recordings are as polished as her studio work) but here she seems anxious and uncertain. The Nelson-Riddle-style orchestration should strengthen her singing, but she seems lost in the glib arrangements. Her dynamics are off and, most disturbingly, her once-warm trademark vibrato has become far too fast and shrill. That said, I believe hardcore Simms fans will find this late entry into her discography worth owning.

Another Review

Made in 1960 for the budget LP label TOPS, now owned by
Pickwick, this is a fine collection of mainly standards Arranged
and Conducted by Hollywood's Harry Betts. Ginny is in good
voice, she was 46 at the time. My favorite arrangement on this
CD is of the old-timer "Cuddle Up a Little Closer". which adds
a modern gloss to the tune without destroying it. All the arrangements
have a freshness which makes this well worth hearing.


1 Where Or When
2 Love Is Here To Stay
3 I've Got You Under My Skin
4 Stormy Weather
5 Exactly Like You
6 Salt Lake City Blues
7 Can't Get Out Of This Mood
8 Cuddle Up A Little Closer
9 Candle Song
10 I'm Glad There Is You

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