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Mandy Patinkin

Mandy Patinkin - Mamaloshen

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Mamaloshen     (Yiddish)

By Mandy Patinkin

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A Review:

Read on - and then think about that word, Yinglish, in the context of this CD and think about whether it is worth Kvetching about the various songs on this CD, some quite unconventional.

For those who haven't heard the word, Yinglish was used by Leo Rosten in a book called The Joys of Yiddish (others have used it, too) and it describes how YIDDISH speakers have continued to let Yiddish words (and the language itself) change and mingle with words from other countries. As a result, in the natural course of things, Yiddish spoken in America may sound VERY different from the way Yiddish is used and spoken in Israel. This type of thing happens in ALL languages, including English. We have words like "Phat" and "fat", for example, relatively recent evolutions of words and word usage. You can't keep language from evolving....or music or Yiddish music, for that matter...or how Yiddish is used in song. To do so would stifle the creative process.

HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO THIS CD? (sorry for the caps but I really do want to stress this question): Some Yiddish "traditionalists" seem to be ambivalent about a "Yiddish" song compilation that includes songs from Mary Poppins as well as the more traditional songs - all translated into Yiddish.

I find it refreshing. I can see why some believe it might even water down Yiddish - but let's face it- Yiddish speakers have had a hard time keeping the language alive and many speakers have changed or loosened certain terms or words, anyway - so why can't a singer? At least, Pantinkin does it with a certain humor and reverence. Listen to the music and I think you'll agree.

And yes....Mandy Pantinkin can be over the top, sometimes (also known as "a willingness to take creative risks") but I think his voice is superb here, his timing and emotional resonance are lovely and the selections are fun to listen to, even moving (depending on the tune). Whenever I play it at a party or with friends and family, it has helped spark conversations about Yiddish. So how can it be hurting Yiddish?


1 Belz
Orchestrated By [Orch.] – Larry Hochman Vocals [Duet With] – Judy Blazer*Written-By – Alexander OlshanetskyJacob Jacobs
2 Hey, Tsigelekh
Written-By – Mordecai Gebirtig*
3 Rabbi Elimeylekh
Written-By – Moshe Nadir
4 Raisins And Almonds
Written-By – Abraham GoldfadenHenry LefkowitchStanley Lionel
5 Papirosin
Orchestrated By [Orch.] – Bruce Coughlin Written-By – Herman Yablokoff
6 Ten Kopeks / Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious / The Hokey Pokey
Orchestrated By [Orch.] – Doug Besterman*Translated By [Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, The Hokey Pokey Yiddish Translations] – Moishe Rosenfeld Written By – Traditional/Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman/Charles Mack, Taft Baker and Roland La PriseWritten-By – Charles Mack*, Richard M. ShermanRobert B. ShermanRoland La PriseTaft Baker*, Traditional
7 Maria
Orchestrated By [Orch.] – Doug Besterman*Translated By [Yiddish Translation] – Miriam Kressyn Written-By – Leonard BernsteinStephen Sondheim
8 Yome, Yome
Written-By – Traditional
9 Paper Is White
Written-By – Traditional
10 Song Of The Titanic
Orchestrated By [Orch.] – Larry Hochman Vocals [Duet With] – Judy Blazer*Written-By – Joshua Rayzner
11 Motl The Operator
Orchestrated By [Orch.] – Michael Starobin Written-By – Chaim TowberH. Solomonson
12 Under Your White Stars
Orchestrated By [Orch.] – Eric Stern (3) Written-By – Abraham BrudnoAbraham Sutzkever
13 American Tune
Orchestrated By [Orch.] – Doug Besterman*Translated By [Yiddish Translation] – Henry Sapoznik Written-By – Paul Simon
14 Take Me Out To The Ball Game / God Bless America
Translated By [Yiddish Translation] – Henry Sapoznik Written By – Jack Norworth and Albert von Tilzer/Irving BerlinWritten-By – Albert von TilzerIrving BerlinJack Norworth
15 Der Alter Tzigayner / White Christmas
Translated By [White Christmas Yiddish Translation] – Moishe Rosenfeld Violin [Duet With] – Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg Written By – Abraham Ellstein and Jacob Jacobs/Irving BerlinWritten-By – Abraham EllsteinIrving BerlinJacob Jacobs
16 Oyfn Pripetshik
Written-By – Mark M. Warshawsky*

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