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Materia Medica VOLUME II - 2006

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"The Materia Medica Pura", needs no introduction. It is Dr Samuel Hahnemann's magnum opus. It is the source book of all subsequent materia medicas. It contains the original provings conducted by Dr Hahnemann on himself and his patients. All the symptoms are given in the language of the prover. It has an exhaustive symptom list. The study of the "Materia Medica Pura" is a very important part of the study of homeopathy. Here, the reader can go back to the origin of the symptom in the prover. Since the language of this book is the language of the prover, there is no scope for any erroneous interpretations. Everything written by Dr Hahnemann is of historical importance and the same applies to this book also. It is the first ever recorded materia medica in the world. A wealth of knowledge can be gleaned by it, if one studies it seriously."