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Milla Jovovich -The Divine Comedy

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The Divine Comedy

By  Milla Jovovich

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The Divine Comedy is the first studio album by American actress and model Milla Jovovich. She was billed as simply Milla for this release. The album is named after the work of Dante Alighieri.

Only one music video was produced for the album in 1994: "Gentleman Who Fell", it charted at number 21 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. "Bang Your Head" and "It's Your Life" were released as the next singles, but no music video were produced for them.

A Review:

You'd expect this to be a travesty. Milla Jovovich is a model and actress (The Fifth ElementHe Got Game) who decided to put out an album of dark, lyrical art-rock in the manner of Dead Can Dance or This Mortal Coil. That's a demanding genre, littered with the bones and witchy jewelry of dozens of histrionic types who got the image thing right, but who never ironed out the "singing" and "songwriting" aspects of it all. Model? Actress? (Gong!) ... Next! Except The Divine Comedy is a stunningly good album, with folky-pastoral instrumentation, haunting, accomplished vocals, and tight songwriting. There are, it's true, session pros all over this CD--which tempers the awe a bit--but nonetheless, it's a real gem from an unlikely source. --Gavin McNett


  1. "The Alien Song (For Those Who Listen)" Milla Jovovich    4:45
  2. "Gentleman Who Fell" Milla Jovovich, Mark R. Holden, Richard G. Feldman         4:39
  3. "It's Your Life" Milla Jovovich, Mark R. Holden, Richard G. Feldman         3:45
  4. "Reaching from Nowhere" Milla Jovovich    4:10
  5. "Charlie" Milla Jovovich, Mark R. Holden, Richard G. Feldman         4:10
  6. "Ruby Lane" Milla Jovovich    4:36
  7. "Bang Your Head" Milla Jovovich, Mark R. Holden, Richard G. Feldman         3:23
  8. "Clock" Milla Jovovich 4:15
  9. "Don't Fade Away" Milla Jovovich    5:43
  10. "You Did It All Before" Milla Jovovich, Chris Brenner      3:58

   11. "In a Glade"      Ukrainian Folk


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  • Audio CD (April 9, 1994)
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  • Label: Capitol
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