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Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee - Pretty Eyes / Guitars Ala Lee

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Pretty Eyes / Guitars Ala Lee

By  Peggy Lee

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Digitally remastered edition of 2LP's on a single CD of her classic 1960's albums. The highlight is the wildly popular "Sweet Happy Life", as featured in a series of popular televsion commercials for Target Stores. The music of "Sweet Happy Life" comes from the motion picture "Black Orpheus" and this is the only CD that has the song! Other tracks include her masterful renditions of "Too Close For Comfort", "It Could Happen To You", "Strangers In The Night" (later covered by Frank Sinatra) and "Nice N Easy".

A Review:

The two albums which make up this twofer were recorded six years apart, so there is no obvious reason why they were paired together, but they are both excellent examples of Peggy's music and they fit well together.
The first, Pretty eyes, recorded in 1960, shows Peggy's sexy, seductive voice at it's most romantic, including lovely versions of I remember you and In other words (fly me to the moon), done very slowly. Most of the other songs are obscure gems from the Great American Songbook. Peggy knew which songs suited her style and didn't mind whether they were famous or not. Her song selection was always impeccable.
The second, Guitars ala Lee, is from 1966. It begins with Nice'n'easy which, despite it's title, is more upbeat than anything from Pretty eyes. Peggy soon slips back into romantic mood with a soft, reflective version of Strangers in the night. There is generally more variation in this second album, but even here, there are plenty of soft, romantic rongs just like those on Pretty eyes. The final track on this album is a swinging cover of Petula's Call me. Peggy was Petula's main influence back in the fifties, but Petula moved away from that sound in the sixties. Here, Peggy shows that she could also adapt to the sixties without sacrificing her integrity, and it's a great way to close this twofer.


Pretty Eyes
1-1 As You Desire Me
1-2 It Could Happen To You
1-3 Pretty Eyes
1-4 Moments Like This
1-5 Remind Me
1-6 You Fascinate Me So
1-7 I Wanna Be Loved
1-8 I'm Walking Through Heaven With You
1-9 I Remember You
1-10 Too Close For Comfort
1-11 In Other Words
1-12 Because I Love Him So
Guitars Ala Lee
1-13 Nice 'N' Easy
1-14 Strangers In The Night
1-15 Mohair Sam
1-16 Goodbye, My Love
1-17 Think Beautiful
1-18 An Empty Glass
1-19 Good Times
1-20 Sweet Happy Life
1-21 Touch The Earth
1-22 Beautiful, Beautiful World
1-23 My Guitar
1-24 Call Me

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