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Sweet Comfort Band - Perfect Timing

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Perfect Timing  

By  Sweet Comfort Band

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A Review:

This release was "Perfect Timing" for me back in 1984 and it still is to this day, getting it on CD. This one is, by far, SCB's best work, which makes it sad that it was their final (enter "Allies"!). The song lyrics are so personal, the music is timeless. John & Dino's production work has put this CD as STILL relevant to this day. I also like the new liner notes from Randy Thomas (guitarist). I thought that since this CD is a Retro Active Records reissue that it was going to sound like all they did was copy an LP to CD. If they did I can't tell, this CD sounds like it was originally released on CD (this recording predates compact disc). "Habit Of Hate" and "Prodigal's Regret" are still relevant and the music . . . fantastic.

About The Band:

Sweet Comfort Band was an American Christian rock band that first performed in 1973 in Riverside, California, and were active until 1984. The band was initially composed of keyboardist/lead vocalist, Bryan Duncan, and brothers Kevin (bass guitar) and Rick (drums/vocals) Thomson. The band was the brainchild of the Thomson brothers. Randy Thomas, guitarist/vocalist joined the group around 1976. After their second album, Sweet Comfort Band also became well known for their highly detailed, airbrushed album cover art by Kernie Erickson, a trend that had previously been considered too costly for Christian groups who did not produce the high-volume album sales of mainstream bands such as Kansas. The Sweet Comfort Band logo was created by Rick Griffin.


1 Perfect Timing
Written-By – Randy Thomas (2)
2 Habit Of Hate
Written-By – Bryan DuncanJohn Schreiner*
3 You Led Me To Believe
Written-By – Randy Thomas (2)
4 Don't Bother Me Now
Written-By – Bryan Duncan
5 Computer Age
Lead Vocals – Randy Thomas (2)Written-By – Randy Thomas (2)
6 Sing For The Melody
Written-By – Dino ElefanteJohn Elefante
7 Lookin' For The Answer
Written-By – Dino ElefanteRandy Thomas (2)
8 Envy & Jealosy
Written-By – Bryan DuncanJohn Schreiner*
9 Prodigal's Regret (Never Should Have Left You)
Written-By – Bryan Duncan
10 Neighborhood Kids
Written-By – Bryan DuncanJohn Schreiner*

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