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Wiggles - Pop Go the Wiggles

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Pop Go the Wiggles

By  The Wiggles

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Hey Diddle, Diddle, It's Nursery Rhyme Time With The Wiggles! Wiggle and Learn! Join Murray, Jeff, Anthony and Sam for some wiggly fun. Combine your child's favorite nursery rhymes with every child s favorite foursome. The Wiggles bring 31 of the most beloved, classic nursery rhymes to life through song and dance. What are you waiting for? Start Wiggling!

A Review:

My 3 year old loves the Wiggles, so I got him this as a gift. He's now four, and it's still one of his favorite videos. As an adult, I find myself preferring the later-period (mid-period?) Wiggles videos, like Pop Go the Wiggles and You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, to the earlier videos, which have more of a let's-film-a-stage-show feel. (We haven't seen any of the most recent videos to see how they've continued to evolve.) My 4yo likes the little comic interludes, like "It's Raining, It's Pouring". He gets excited by "See-Saw Margery Daw" and "The Grand Old Duke of York". I like the inclusion of more obscure songs, like "English Country Garden." My 7yo enjoys the video as well. It has a nice mix of energetic songs and more soothing songs, but everything is catchy.


1     Pop Goes the Weasel (Sam)     0:16

2     This Old Man, He Played One     1:17

3     Murray Had a Turtle     1:59

4     Hickory Dickory Dock     0:17

5     English Country Garden     2:38

6     Pop Goes the Weasel (Anthony)     0:17

7     Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush     2:03

8     Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat     1:17

9     See-Saw, Margery Daw     1:18

10   Teady Bear, Teady Bear Turn Around     1:11

11   Pop Goes the Weasel (Jeff)     0:16

12   Mary Had a Little Lamb     0:51

13   Skip to My Lou     1:36

14   Three Little Kittens     2:33

15   Two Fine Gentlemen     1:39

16   Gregory Griggs     0:18

17   Hey Diddle Diddle     1:23

18   Pop Goes the Weasel (Murray)     0:17

19   Frere Jacque     1:04

20   Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star     2:16

21   There Was a Princess     5:02

22   The Grand Old Duke of York     1:26

23   The Farmer in the Dell     2:04

24   Ring-A-Ring O' Rosy     0:55

25   Oranges and Lemons     1:30

26   Miss Polly Had a Dolly     0:37

27   Jack and Jill     1:14

28   Lavenders Blue     2:00

29   Little Bo-Peep     0:58

30   London Bridge Is Falling Down     1:07

31   Little Miss Muffet     0:54

32   Chi-Baba, Chi-Baba     3:01

33   Did You Ever See a Lassie?     1:00

34   Pat-A-Cake     0:46

35   Dry Bones     2:00

36   Incy Wincy Spider     0:59

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