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Richard Crooks

Richard Crooks - Serenade

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By  Richard Crooks 

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If one has not had the oportunity of hearing the great voice of Richard Crooks, they have really missed out. Richard Crooks possessed an intense lyricism that is unmatched today. Crooks' "Serenade" from The Student Prince is sheer perfection (singing it in the original key, not lowered a whole step, like most Tenors), culminating on two very vibrant High C's. It is interesting to note that Crooks was Romberg's original choice for the role of Karl Franz (the lead) in the Student Prince, but, due to opera commitments, was unable to debut the role. This is a performance rivaled only by the great Mario Lanza. Other musical highlights on this CD are "Macushla", "Song of Songs", "The Holy City", and "Ah Sweet Mystery of Life". "Ah May the Red Rose live Alway" is sure to bring a tear to one's eye. A nuance on "Ah Sweey Mystery of Life" finds Crooks soaring up to a High C at the end (a feat one finds no other Tenor attempting on any other recording) and with Crooks, it works well. Crooks' "Because" is the standard by which all others are measured. One of the real finds on this disk is Crooks' "Be Thou Faithful unto Death" from the rarely performed "Paul" by Felix Mendelssohn. What heartfelt singing this truly is. Crooks genuinely excelled in this music and one simply MUST purchase this CD to listen to a true master. So if one is not that familiar with the incomparable voice of Richard Crooks, treat yourself and puchase this recording now! This collection is pure enjoyment from the Student Prince "Serenade" to the final selection "Be Thou Faithful unto Death". A real gem.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. The Student Prince: Ser: Overhead The Moon Is Beaming - Richard Crooks/Lewis James
  2. Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life
  3. The Song Of Songs
  4. When You're Away
  5. Rio Rita
  6. Only A Rose
  7. Because
  8. I Bring A Love Song - Richard Crooks/Edna Kellogg
  9. Vienna, City Of My Dreams
  10. Only My Song
  11. Gipsy Moon
  12. Macushla
  13. Smilin' Through
  14. If I Should Send A Rose To You
  15. The Holy City - Richard Crooks/Herbert Dawson
  16. Songs My Mother Taught Me - Richard Crooks/Frederick Schauwecker
  17. Beautiful Dreamer - Richard Crooks/Frank La Forge
  18. Oh, Susannah! - Richard Crooks/The Balladeers Male Qt/Frank La Forge/Ralph Colicchio
  19. Ah, May The Red Rose Live Alway - Richard Crooks/Frank La Forge
  20. Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair - Richard Crooks/Frank La Forge
  21. Ser - Richard Crooks/Frederick Schauwecker
  22. Be Thou Faithful Unto Death

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