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Russell Donnellon

Russell Donnellon - Chromangelica

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Chromangelica  (Solo Guitar Music)

Russell Donnellon

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A Review:

I had the pleasure of meeting Russell at a local fair recently. I heard him playing and was totally awestruck so I puchased two of his CD's. After listening to them I went back the next day and purchased two more (this being one of them) and I have to say that I think this is my favorite. His playing is incredible but his composing is excellent as well (all of the songs are original compositions). The songs are of varying influences (blues, jazz, classical, Latin, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc.) but flow incredibly well as an album (Antaratma Sadhana in particular is phenomenal). A must have for any fan of acoustic guitar. If you prefer more traditional songs, check out another album of his, "Standard Time".


1 Circle Of Friends 6:07
2 Unstrung 1:47
3 Sucking Sugarcane 2:19
4 Dancing With The Hilltribes 1:33
5 La Muchacha Llorona (The Weeping Girl) 5:47
6 Birdsong 4:23
7 Hangaloon 1:26
8 Punt 5:39
9 Posso Ve La Outra Vez? (May I See You Again) 3:09
10 Memory's Arc 3:40
11 Chromangelica 1:27
12 Neon And Cobblestone 4:44
13 Blue Car Garage 2:36
14 The Unmanifest (Part One) 1:44
15 Unstrung (Slight Return) 1:48
16 Antaratma Sadhana (Quest Of The Soul) 7:02
17 Flight Home 3:35
18 Dad Is With The Angels 1:49

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