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Rusty Crutcher

Rusty Crutcher - Isle Of Avalon

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Isle Of Avalon

By   Rusty Crutcher

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Sacred Mystic resting place for King Arthur until his return among our world, the "Isle of Avalon" is part of our folklore and legend. An inspiration for many authors, painters, poets, and romantics. A location which, through this album: "Isle of Avalon: A Pilgrim's Memoir", listeners can now dive into its plane of reality. Indeed, with harps, flutes, lutes, electronic soundwaves, choir, and other instruments whose names I do not know, Rusty Crutcher's music allows us to connect our reality with the mystical. Improving our well-being in the process as we realize our hearts are part of a big chain of life. In sum, it is a music that is meant to help the listener relax and connect with his inner being.

But more than that, this album, with its chevaleresque attributes, can also accompany other activities related to the medieval. For example, reading medieval stories like the Belgian comic book Chevalier Ardent, or Tolkien and C S Lewis's works, or Jean Cocteau's play The Knights of the Round Table. Or even accompany a medieval activity you might be planning with friends or a large group of people.
Indeed, the choices of uses are multiple with this album and very advantageous for everyone.

On a sidenote, it is interesting to know that Crutcher allows in tracks, like "Mists of Avalon", noises of birds chirping in the background. As his CV on his website states that work for this album also involved "Field location sound recording", I think Rusty Crutcher really did took the time to record his music in the British environment that constitutes the Isle of Avalon. That is the Glastonbury region; in particular the Glastonbury Abbey, the Brigid's Chapel, and the Glastonbury Tor we see on the CD cover which, before the twelfth century, used to be an island. And according to experts the real Isle of Avalon. Which means that listening to this album does transport us to the open air and environment that constitutes the Arthurian legends. Making this album one amazing experience to enjoy as we are in the appropriate environment for such wonderful melodies.

An album so wonderful that I loved all its tracks. Finding each one of them a jewel of New Age and Medieval Music.


  1. The Chalice
  2. Mists of Avalon
  3. Fair Daughters
  4. Gate of Remembrance
  5. Lady of the Lake
  6. Ode to the Beloved
  7. Isle of Glass
  8. The Age of Mary
  9. Bridgid's Song

   Blessed Be

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