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Gluttonous Feast

Gluttonous Feast - Self-Titled Debut

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Self-Titled Debut

By The Gluttonous Feast

Like New Condition - Still in Factory Wrap - unsealed in original cardboard case

Uncompromisingly original. That's The Gluttonous Feast. Reminiscent of the era of Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd & The Dave Matthews Band, when music was not some calculated pabulum formula force fed to the masses by the major record labels and bands could create and explore the outer limits of music. With their "Self - Titled Debut" album, The Gluttonous Feast brings back creativity and serves up some of the most tasty, infectious music and clever lyrics for your ears to feast on.

From the opening hot grooves of "Beer Rush" to the sinister piano intro of "Plague Within a Cure", Self-Titled Debut is like walking down a street you never been on before but everybody you know is there! The Gluttonous Feast fuse together a wide menu of musical genres that incorporates the best of gourmet rock with savory appetizers and a side of extra mayo, freeing your musical taste buds with explosive flavors. You'll never know what's coming next. Satisfy your musical appetite with a band that does not serve left-overs. Become a "Feaster"! Sit back, listen and have a sandwich.


1     Beer Rush     3:00

2     Greedy American Princess     4:29

3     Harsh Times     4:05

4     Takes Me Slow     3:25

5     Expensive Baby     5:08

6     Ego for Breakfast     3:20

7     Ego for Lunch     2:37

8     Ego for Dinner     4:03

9     Heatseeker     3:06

10   Plague Within a Cure     6:41

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