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Shirley Jones & Jack Cassidy

Shirley Jones & Jack Cassidy - Show Tunes

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Show Tunes

By   Shirley Jones & Jack Cassidy

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A Review:

I have witnessed and experienced many tragic and heart-breaking things in my forty years; but one of them has to be the story of Jack Cassidy. For such an immensely talented and charismatic person who, although flawed (are as we all), to be so astonishingly underrated and so quickly forgotten is heart-breaking at best. I have searched the world wide web only to find barely a trace of his memory. This is the only existing CD on which his immaculate voice can be heard, and even this is shared with Shirley Jones (with all due respect). The memory of Jack Cassidy is as overshadowed by the success of his family (again with due respect) as it ever was, even although his talents, in my humble opinion, towered above them all; not to mention that of his peers. Why he was not cast alongside Shirley Jones in "Oklahoma" and "Carousel" is a mystery to me, as he would have out-shone anyone.

If this CD and a few (second-fiddle roles or less) movies are all that remains of this multi-talented man, then this alone proves beyond all doubt that ultra-talent, charisma and honest endeavour rarely lead to justified and deserved success. His lonely, tragic death echoes so many of his like, but for one thing: an appropriate global memory of a rare and precious talent and Soul, that has quite literally been lost to us "like a tear in the rain". Treasure this CD and God Bless the memory of Mr. Jack Cassidy, a star so truly bright it was barely perceived but by few.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Let's Fall In Love: Let's Fall In Love
  2. Music In The Air: The Song Is You
  3. Brigadoon: Waitin' For My Dearie
  4. Show Boat: You Are Love
  5. The Pirate: Nina
  6. State Fair: It Might As Well Be Spring
  7. The Shocking Miss Pilgrim: For You, For Me, For Evermore
  8. Babes In Arms: You Are So Fair
  9. Orange Blossoms: A Kiss In The Dark
  10. Brigadoon: Almost Like Being In Love

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