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Sinikka & Matti Kontio

Sinikka & Matti Kontio - The Soul of Kantele (Finland)

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The Soul of Kantele      (Finland)

By   Sinikka & Matti Kontio

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Kantele, a plucked instrument of the zither family, is considered Finland's national folk instrument. This high status is epitomized by the cover art, R.W. Ekman's 1860 painting "Vainamoinen Plays The Kantele" showing a Christ-like figure in long white robes playing kantele atop the mountain. Sinikka and Matti are two figures in contemporary kantele performance playing skillful, charming duets on an instrument that expresses grace, beauty, poise and reflection within its strings. The kantele's resonate high strings convey the calm of water in the opening "Koitere, the Pearl of Karelia" while the moody bass strings give depth. Shimmering, wavering starlight is protrayed perfectly in "It Was A Beautiful Summer Night." The amazing picking action in "Polska 125" creates an avalanche of notes while "Waltz of the West" has a delightful music box quality. The sad, angelic sound in "Oh, If Only Sleep Would Come," a prayer by a person longing for death, totally envelopes you, like the arrival of a great spirit. "In My Wretchedness I Complain" is haunting, like lonely snowflakes arriving on a cold winter night. "The Spinning Wheel of the Old Manor" was written by Billy Hill in 1933. There's a familiarity to the song, like a vintage C&W tune. "Hirki's Schottische" is a celebration of birth. Here the notes slide with a magic touch, like Hawaiian slack key guitar. A friend commissioned "Kissala Ladies." Originally to be called "Kissala Laddies," the titled was changed when she gave birth to a boy. "Brisatka" is a wispy frolic in the rain while in "Seaman's Schottische" we're out in the field picking corn, the warmth of the sun on your face. The closing "Koitere, the Pearl of Karelia" takes us back to where we started.


1 Koitere, Karjalan Helmi / Koitere, The Pearl Of Karelia
Written-By – Toivo Kärki
2 Karjalan Poikia / Karelia Boys
3 Annin Valssi / Anni's Waltz
Written-By – Anni Kääriäinen
4 Ol' Kaunis Kesäilta / Oh, It Was A Beautiful Summer Night
5 Polska 125
6 Oi, Jos Nukkua Saisin / Oh, If Only Sleep Would Come
7 Paronin Paras Polkka / The Baron's Best Polka
8 Maan Korvessa Kulkevi / The Guardian Angel
9 Lohi-Marjatan Valssi / Salmon-Marjatta's Waltz
10 Porilaisten Marssi / March Of The Pori Regiment
11 Hiskin Jenkka / Hiski's Scottische
12 Lännen Valssi / The Waltz Of The West
13 Waiwainen Walitan Waikiast' / In My Wretchedness I Complain
14 Vanhan Kartanon Kehräävä Rukki / The Spinning Wheel Of The Old Manor
15 Brisatka
16 Kissalan Tytöt / Kissala Ladies
17 Merimiehen Jenkka / The Seaman's Scottisch
18 Sotamarsalkka Mannerheimin Marssi / March Of Field Marshal Mannerheim
Written-By – Teppo Repo
19 Koitere, Karjalan Helmi / Koitere, The Pearl Of Karelia
Written-By – Toivo Kärki

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