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Sumi Jo - La Promessa: Italian Songs (with Vincenzo Scalera)

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La Promessa: Italian Songs (with Vincenzo Scalera) 

By    Sumi Jo

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A Review:

I discovered the wonder that is Sumi Jo after I kept remarking to myself "Wow", every-time I played an operatic compilation and this one track came around - same track each time - hers! So, I sought to hear more and bought this CD, for no other reason than it was the only one Tower stocked. Sadly it seems that Sumi Jo is a little slow in receiving her rightful invitation to stand on the main podium. In my opinion, she is about as good as it gets, and certainly has a rightful place alongside the greats of Callas, Horne, Hendricks et al.

Well, what can I say, I love this CD, her voice is fluid and elegant, sharp but not cutting, well formed and with a force that can be projected or held, it's a wonderful CD on so many levels and one I have never grown tired of listening to each morning, what a great way to start the day! As an introduction to operatic arias I would certainly recommend this as I am sure it would surprise and enchant even the most hardened of sceptics who think that "Opera is not for me", or that there was no life after Callas.

This afternoon I was very fortunate to have 5th row seats at her spring recital, here in Japan, and what a truly awe-inspiring performance. A genuine world-class soprano Sumi Jo certainly is. Today's repertoire ran from Handel, Vivaldi, Benedict, Strauss, Bellini to Verdi. Singing comfortably in FOUR languages she delivered a performance that the CD in now way prepared me for. A performance that brought her four encores, numerous standing ovations and thunderous applause from a usually reserved (Japanese) audience. Besides her obvious musical talents I have to say that I found her to be such a marvellously warm and appreciative human being who was genuinely appreciative of her audience and I can't wait to get out there and listen to more of the joy that is Sumi Jo.


Disc: 1

  1. Caro mio ben
  2. Lungi dal caro ben
  3. Malinconia, ninfa gentile - Bellini
  4. Qual farfalletta amante - D. Scarlatti
  5. Ad una stella - Verdi
  6. Lascia ch'io pianga - Handel_
  7. Per pieta, bell'idol mio - Bellini
  8. O del mio dolce ardor - Gluck
  9. Star vicino
  10. Se Florindo e fedele
  11. Non t'amo piu
  12. Intorno all'idol mio
  13. La promesa - Rossini
  14. La Capinera
  15. O del mio amato ben
  16. V'adoro pupille - Handel_
  17. Vaghissima sembianza
  18. Ridente la calma - Mozart
  19. Alma del core
  20. Nel cor piu non mi sento

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