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Keith Jarrett

Keith Jarrett - The Carnegie Hall Concert

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The Carnegie Hall Concert [2 CD Set]

By  Keith Jarrett

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Keith Jarrett is nothing less than a living legend. Audiences flock to his rare performances in the world's finest concert halls, and it is his unique ability to creat music in the moment that has made him most famous his spontaneous improvisations often sound as if they've been carefully composed over time. His 1975 album, The K”ln Concert, catapulted him onto the world stage, and at 4 million copies and counting is the best-selling solo piano recording of all time. In 2005, Keith Jarrett played his first US solo concert in a decade on the stage of Carnegie Hall, America's most celebrated venue. One year later to the day, this electrifying night of music will be released. The concert is a summary of the styles Jarrett has traversed over the years a Keith Jarrett pocket history The specially-priced 2-CD set includes the entire improvised concert plus 5 encores and all the rapturous applause!!

Since being afflicted in the late '90s with chronic fatigue syndrome, which kept him on the sidelines for several years, Keith Jarrett has had to reinvent himself as a performer. It's no slight on his classic live recitals of the past to suggest that has proven to be a fruitful development. In moving away from his long, inwardly streaming, lyrically sustained works and adopting a more easygoing episodic approach, he has become more accessible (and less windy) without sacrificing intensity or the freedom to draw upon all manner of styles including blues, gospel, and Americana. Recorded in 2005, The Carnegie Hall Concert features a 10-part piece that runs a gamut of moods and emotions. The enjoyable encore portion consists of three new originals, including a standard, "Time on My Hands," and a rare, enthusiastically received Jarrett oldie, "My Song," from the '70s. This is the 61-year-old artist's 25th solo album for ECM--most in a jazz genre but some classical, most on piano but some on organ and harpsichord and even wind instruments. It leaves you looking forward to number 26. --Lloyd Sachs 


The Carnegie Hall Concert
Part I 9:18
Part II 3:03
Part III 4:15
Part IV 5:05
Part V 8:50
Part VI 6:27
Part VII 7:31
Part VIII 4:43
Part IX 7:41
Part X 6:49
The Good America 4:41
Paint My Heart Red 5:59
My Song 5:07
True Blues 4:16
Time On My Hands 6:07
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  • Audio CD (September 26, 2006)
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Format: Live
  • Label: ECM Records
  • ASIN: B000H4VXGE
About the Artist 
Keith Jarrett (born May 8, 1945 in Allentown, Pennsylvania) is an American pianist and composer. His career started with Art Blakey, Charles Lloyd and Miles Davis. Since the early 1970s he has enjoyed a great deal of success in both classical music and jazz, as a group leader and a solo performer. His improvisation technique combines not only jazz, but also other forms of music, especially classical, gospel, blues, and various ethnic-folk musics. Solo piano - Jarrett's first album for ECM, called Facing You (1971) was a solo piano date recorded in the studio. He has continued to record solo piano albums in the studio intermittently throughout his career, including Staircase (1976), The Moth and the Flame (1981), and The Melody At Night, With You (1999). Book of Ways (1986) is a studio recording of clavichord solos. The studio albums are modestly successful entries in the Jarrett catalog, but in 1973, Jarrett also began playing totally improvised solo concerts, and it is the voluminous recordings of these concerts that have made him one of the best-selling jazz artists in history. Albums recorded at these concerts include: Solo Concerts (Bremen/Lausanne) (1973), originally released as a three-LP set, The Köln Concert (1975), one of the best-selling jazz albums of all time, Sun Bear Concerts (1976), five complete Japanese concert recordings, originally released as a ten-LP set, Concerts (Bregenz/München) (1981), originally released as a three-LP set, only the Bregenz concert is included on the single CD release. The München concert (more than an hour and a half long) has not yet been reissued on CD, apart from a ten minute section on the :rarum collection which was compiled by Jarrett himself. According to the ECM website however, a reissue is in the works. Paris Concert (1988), Vienna Concert (1991), which Jarrett has stated is his finest solo concert recording and La Scala (1995). Jarrett has commented that his best performances were during the times where he had the least amount of preconception of what he was going to play at the next moment. A possibly apocryphal account of one such performance had Jarrett staring at the piano for several minutes without playing; as the audience grew increasingly uncomfortable, one member shouted to Jarrett, "D sharp!", to which the pianist responded, "Thank you!," and launched into an improvisation at speed. Another of his solo concerts, Dark Intervals (1987, Tokyo), is not so much a freeform improvisation but more a set of recited compositions, making it a very separate entity to the concerts listed above. In addition to the different form, it lacks the jazzy verve associated with the above concerts, preferring to go down a gloomier, more moody path. In the late 1990s, Jarrett was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and was confined to his home for long periods of time. It was during this period that he recorded The Melody at Night, With You, a solo piano record consisting of jazz standards presented with very little of the reinterpretation in which he usually engages. The album had originally been a Christmas gift to his wife. By 2000, he had returned to touring, both solo and with the Standards Trio. Two 2002 solo concerts in Japan, Jarrett's first solo piano concerts following his illness, were released on the 2005 CD Radiance (a complete concert in Osaka, and excerpts from one in Tokyo), and the 2006 DVD Tokyo Solo (the entire Tokyo performance). In contrast with previous concerts (which were generally a pair of 30-40 minute continuous improvisations), the 2002 concerts consist of a linked series of shorter improvisations (some as short as a minute and a half, a few of fifteen or twenty minutes). In September 2005 at Carnegie Hall Jarrett performed his first solo concert in North America in more than ten years, released a year later as a double CD set (The Carnegie Hall Concert).

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