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Greg Tamblyn - The Greg Tamblyn Collection

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The Greg Tamblyn Collection (4 CD Box Set)  - A Full Day's Supply

By Greg Tamblyn

Excellent Condition.  3 out of 4 CD's Still in factory sealed wrapping

CD 1 The Shootout at the I'm OK, You're OK Corral

1     The Shootout at the I'm OK, You're OK Corral

2     Just a Little Soul Hangin' Out In Space

3     They Know

4     A 21st Century Kind Of Guy

5     I Drink, Therefore I am

6     Love Will Come Around

7     Unconditional Love (The Story of Evy)

8   It's Never Too Late To Have a Happy Childhood

9     You Can't Blame The Train

10   They Have Little Faith


CD 2 How Could Life Be Better Than This

1    Amazon 

2     Roberto's Song (How Could Life Be Better Than This)

2     Walking The Same Road

4     One Day On The Fields Of France

5   Obe Heart

6     Chasin' A Dream

7     Just Enough To Get Me By

8     Touch Like A Lover, Talk Like a Friend

9     The Hallways Of My Mind

10   Should'n On Myself Too Long


CD 3  Art From The Heart

1     The Night I Left My Body

2     Leftovers

3     Underachievers Anonymous

4     What We Want From Other People

5    I Think Of God as A Poet

6     Stand Like Mountain, Move Like water

7     Angels

8     So Much Love

9     Heart Of The Mother


CD 4 No Credentials Whatsoever

1     No Credentials Whatsoever

2     The Whole Wold's Gone To The Bahamas

3     My Life Is A Beer Commercial

4     Passing Trains

5     Clyde, My Inner Guide

6     Standing Still

7     I Don't Know (Exactly Where I'm Going)

8     Love Is Real

9     Ready To Use The Gifts I've Been Given

10   (Can't You Just) Feel My Love

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