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Various Artists - Tipping the Velvet

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Tipping the Velvet  (A Collection Historic Music Hall Recordings Inspired By The Novel By Sarah Waters)

By Various Artists

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24 tracks. CD41 are pleased to announce the release of Tipping the Velvet, a full length CD of archive music hall tracks inspired by the acclaimed lesbian historical novel by Sarah Waters. Tipping the Velvet features original recordings made between 1915 and 1938 by several key artists, including Norah Blaney, Gwen Farrar, Cicely Courtneidge, Hetty King, Douglas Byng, Ella Shields and Vesta Tilley. As 78 rpm shellac discs claimed their corner of the entertainment market in the 1920's, lesbian and gay artists also made records, although in the wake of Oscar Wilde's earlier notoriety performers had usually to resort to novelty and caricature.

Some of these sides are by male impersonators, such as King and Tilley, others by more overtly camp performers like Douglas Byng. Tracks include: Masculine Women! Feminine Men!, The Moon is Low, If I Had a Girl Like You, Piccadilly, Give Me a Million Beautiful Girls, I'm a Bird, Ukelele Lady and What Angeline Says, Goes. The CD has been edited by Andrew Simons, jazz curator at the British Library National Sound Archive. In his sleevenote he explains: ''In the Victorian era the music hall was the mass entertainment.

There the heroines of Tipping the Velvet, Nan King and Kitty Butler, were social prisoners of the era, with modern conveniences such as public transport and mass media, but none of the enlightenment regarding diversity that we enjoy today. Reverse gender impersonators were no doubt an inspiration to the hidden lesbian and gay community.'' A major BBC television adaptation of the novel will be screened in three parts in September 2002. Running for 74 minutes and featuring extensive sleevenotes, the disc is a must for all students of left-field music hall, jazz, variety, and hidden social history.

 A Review:

This is a really cool collection of victorian era songs "inspired by" the book tipping the velvet about lesbians in victorian times. the songs don't really have much to do with the book, other then that they're also cool. it's just a neat collection of old songs, some of which are pretty scandalous, actually. It's always good to remind yourself we aren't the first generation to discover sex. definately give it a listen, if only because it's a kind of music you'll probably never hear anywhere else.


1. Gwen Farrar and Billy Mayerl - Masculine Women! Feminine Men! (1926)
2. Norah Blaney and Gwen Farrar - They All Fall In Love (1930)
3. Norah Blaney and Gwen Farrar - Ukelele Lady (1925)
4. Norah Blaney and Gwen Farrar - What Angeline Says, Goes (1930)
5. Norah Blaney and Gwen Farrar - The Moon Is Low (1930)
6. Norah Blaney and Gwen Farrar - Maybe I'm Wrong Again (1935)
7. Norah Blaney and Gwen Farrar - Moanin' for You (1930)
8. Gwen Farrar - If I Had A Girl Like You (1931)
9. Cicely Courtneidge - The Moment I Saw You (1933)
10. Cicely Courtneidge - There's Something About A Soldier (1933)
11. Hetty King - Piccadilly (1934)
12. Hetty King - Tell Her the Old, Old Story (1934)
13. Hetty King - Down Beside the Riverside (1934)
14. Fred Barnes - Give Me A Million Beautiful Girls (1922)
15. Douglas Byng - She May Be All That's Wonderful (But She Doesn't Appeal To Me) (1929)
16. Douglas Byng - I'm a Bird (1938)
17. Douglas Byng - The Mayoress of Mould-on-the-Puddle (1938)
18. Douglas Byng - I'm a Mummy (An Old Egyptian Queen) (1935)
19. Randolph Sutton - Oh Georgie! What a Fine How Do You Do (1934)
20. Vesta Tilley - Jolly Good Luck To The Girl Who Loves A Soldier (1915)
21. Ella Shields - If You Knew Susie Like I Know Susie (1925)
22. Ella Shields - Everybody's Singing (1927)
23. Ella Shields - Why Did I Kiss That Girl? (1924)
24. Ella Shields - Burlington Bertie From Bow (1934)

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