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Various Artists - 100 Masterpieces (Top 10 of Classical Music 1894-1928

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Various Artists - 100 Masterpieces (Top 10 of Classical Music 1894-1928

By Various

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I recently stumbled upon this classical music set of CDs titled "100 Years: The Top 10s of Classical Music". I own about 5 of the ten volumes and each CD is pretty fantastic for my needs. I am in no way, shape or form a classical music expert, but I do happen to be familiar with most tracks on these CDs, either exposed through classic cartoons (really!) or from use in the media in general. I lately have been using the classical music tracks as background music in my home movie projects and the like. It can be extremely effective in the movies due to the drama of the tracks. For any classical music aficionados, this series might just be hitting on the highlights and not quite deep enough. But for any casual classical music fan like myself...they truly serve the purpose and are a nice diversion when I need it.


1     Also Sprach Zarathustra - Fanfare

2     Symphony No. 5 - Adagietto

3     Finlandia

4     Dance of the Bumble Bee

5     Meditation (from Thais)

6     Pomp and Circumstance - March No. 1

7     Humoresque

8     Valse Triste

9     Vienna Blood - Waltz

10   Boléro

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