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Various Artists - Perfecto (Collection)

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Perfecto (Collection)  3 CD Set

By Various Artists

Very Good Condition in Original cardboard case

Since their inception in 1990, the Perfecto label has always been in the forefront of the European Dance scene. Starting with Paul Oakenfold taking the label to its stardom, this triple album sums up in a nutshell the Trance/House scene from the late 90's to 2001.
The first disc, the house disc, starts off slow with the annoying "Double Dutch," slowly turning up the juice when it reaches "Jazzin the Way You Know." After this, the music is pretty straightfoward, soon peaking at Hernan Cattaneo's "Deep Funk," where the juice turns up and doesn't give way until the end of the cd.
Disc Two, on the other hand, since it is trance, relies on the melody and the synth rather than the beat, compared to house music. The second disc starts off good with Lost's "Animal," followed by some tracks that can be classified as top notch, but normal for a cd of this caliber. Soon, starting with PPK's "resurrection," this disc picks up and never leaves the ground. I do hand it to the Perfecto label for choosing the rights tracks to start their sets, which tracks to begin their climax, and which tracks to complete it. Disc two peaks at Jada's "just another day," followed by "Bullet in a Gun," and the always classic "Flesh."
Disc 3's chillout disc is also a great piece of work, but in my opinion it doesn't mesh well with the other disc's beat and tempo.
In conclusion, if you are a die hard fan of the Perfecto label, pick up this three cd compilation. It's filled with the best that Perfecto has to offer, even a great version of "Another Day" on disc three (the chillout version). However, if you are a trance/house fan, and want to groove to a better mix (in my opinion), stick with Oakenfold's "Another World" for trance, and Hernan Cattaneo's "South America" for house.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Double Double Dutch - Dope Smugglaz
  2. Every Woman Needs Love - Stella Browne
  3. Jazzin' The Way You Know (Ministry Mix) - Jazzy M
  4. Bites Da Dust (Dub) - Planet Perfecto
  5. She Rides (Joy's Electrobass Mix) - D:Fuse & Joy
  6. Never Knew Love (2002 Mix) - Stella Browne
  7. Married To Music (Sneak's Bumpin' Mix) - Dope Smugglaz
  8. Deep Funk - Hernan Cattaneo
  9. I Want Out (Can't Believe) ( Cricket Mix) - Harry "Choo Choo" Romero
  10. Let The Freak (Timo Maas Mix) - Big Ron
  11. Ubik - The Dance (Instrumental) - Timo Maas
  12. God's Love (Trailer Trash Mix) - Tall Tin Box
  13. Touch The Sky - 29 Palms

Disc: 2

  1. Animal (Trance Mix) - Lost It.Com
  2. Diamondback (Original Mix) - Mekka
  3. Megatron - Flash
  4. Around The World In 80 Raves - Monoboy feat. Delores
  5. Law Unto Myself - Konkrete
  6. Falling - Liquid State feat. Marcella Woods
  7. Resurrection (Perfecto Edit) - PPK
  8. To Get Down (Timo's Dub Mix) - Timo Maas
  9. Another Day (Trance Mix) - Skip Raiders feat. Jada
  10. Bullet In The Gun (Saturday Mix) - Planet Perfecto
  11. Flesh (DJ Tiesto Mix) - Jan Johnston
  12. The Day After - Flash

Disc: 3

  1. The Word (PMT Mix) - Dope Smugglaz
  2. On Your Mind (Outer Limits Of Your Mix) - Patient Saints
  3. Every Woman Needs Love (Platoon's Chillout Mix) - Stella Browne
  4. Resurrection (Robots Outro Mix) - PPK
  5. Silent Words (Chiller Twist's Sunrise Mix) - Jan Johnston
  6. Bad Days - Timo Maas
  7. Falling (Solar Stone After Hours Mix) - Liquid State feat. Marcella Woods
  8. A Summer Song (Sunset Friendly Mix) - Nilo
  9. Another Day (Strings) - Skip Raiders feat. Jada
  10. So In Love With You (Latin Vibe) - Duke

Product details

  • Audio CD (April 23, 2002)
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Label: Perfecto
  • ASIN: B000063Y31

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