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Various Artists - Sweet Dreams (Classical Themes)

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Sweet Dreams (Classical Themes)

By Various Artists

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A Review:

My three year old great granddaughter unexpectedly passed away in her sleep last April. I had chosen this CD not long before she was born without any thought of ever loosing her. When I began to hear the music this time, her life began to speak to me. Again and again, the quality of the compositions, the tender warmth of the voice, and the talented blend of the instruments brought the power of her beauty and innocence back to me.
I am grateful.


1. Someone is Watching You

2. Sweet Dreams

3. Moonlight

4. He Watches With You Tenderly

5. Bedtime Prayer

6. In The Shadow of His Wings

7. Fly Away

8. At the Close of Day

9. Brahms' Lullaby INSTRUMENTAL

10. Someone is Watching You

11. Sweet Dreams

12. Moonlight

13. He Watches With You Tenderly

14. Bedtime Prayer

15. In The Shadow of His Wings

16. Fly Away

17. At the Close of Day

18. Brahms' Lullaby

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