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Leon Leshner and Lazar Weiner

Leon Leshner and Lazar Weiner - Yiddish Art Song

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The Yiddish Art Song   (Omega Classics)

By: Leon Leshner and Lazar Weiner                                                                                                                                                                                                    Very Good Condition - Still in original factory wrapping

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Kaddish Fun Reb Levi-Itzchok Barditschever....
  2. Oyf'n Veg Shteyt A Boym (A Tree Stands In The Road)
  3. May Ko Mash'me Lon? (What Is The Meaning Of This)
  4. A Nign (A Tune)
  5. Tanchum (Tancum)
  6. Geyn Darf Men Geyn (Keep Moving On)
  7. In A Kleyner Shtibele (In A Little Cottage)
  8. Tateniu (Dear Father)
  9. Slushay! (Listen!)
  10. In Cheyder (At School)
  11. Shabbes Baym Shalosh S'udos (Sabbath At The Concluding Meal)
  12. Di Mayse Mt Der Velt (The Story Of The World)
  13. Gramen Geshribn In Zamd (Rhymes Written In The Sand)
  14. Der Yid Mitn Fidl (Yid L And His Fiddle)
  15. Di Vant (The Wall)
  16. Dos Lid Fun Roitn Motele (The Song Of The Red- Headed Motele)
  17. Ich Bin A Balagole (I'm Am A Coachman)
  18. Oso Boker (Morning Cometh) (A Preacher's Parable)
  19. Baym Taych (At The River)
  20. Yidn Zingen: Ani Mamin (If My Father Were Rich)
  21. Vollt Mayn Tate Raych Geven (Yosl The Klezmer)
  22. Yosl Der Klezmer

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  • Audio CD (April 7, 1993)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: Omega Classics
  • ASIN: B00000239P


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