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James R. Lewis

Yoga for Couples

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Yoga For Couples       1979  111 Pages

By: James r. Lewis

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The centuries old Tantric exercises revised in modernized by author James R. Lewis enable partners to deepen your own sense of self, transcend their psychological limitations, and appreciate each other at the deepest levels. Beautifully illustrated, Yoga for Couples gives detailed instructions for more than 35 exercises – including guidelines for postures,  breathing and timing. In addition to the familiar meditative aspects of yogic exercise, author has developed a therapeutic value of these techniques. His classes and workshops throughout the country have been attending not only by couples but by psychologist, marriage counselors, and sex therapists interested in an approach that goes beyond current psychological therapies and theories of personal growth.

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  • Paperback: 111 pages
  • Publisher: Autumn Press (1979)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN- 0-394-73776-4
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